SINQUE voor bedrijven

Meetbare resultaten, gezondere werknemers

Sinque biedt een tool om real-time de impact van gezondheidscampagnes te meten. Samen met een efficient netwerk van fitness en gezondheids professionals. Met onze unieke methode bereikt u juist de mensen die gewicht zouden moeten verliezen.

Een nieuwe benadering voor gewichtsverlies

Sinque motiveert uw personeel met behulp van artificial intelligence en wetenschappelijk onderzoek tot een gezondere levensstijl en een gezonder gewicht.

Wist u dat uw gewicht op een dag wel 3 kg varieert ?

Risico op verkeerde conclusies

Uw weegschaal toont u alleen statische nummers. Dit biedt een onvoldoende nauwkeurig inzicht in uw gewichtsverloop en kan tot verkeerde conclusies leiden.

Dagelijkse gewichtsfluctuaties

Sinque gebruikt medische wetenschap en artificial intelligence om de dagelijkse schommelingen in het lichaamsgewicht te leren kennen.

Stuur tijdig bij

Sinque toont de gewichtstrend twee weken in de toekomst! Deze informatie stelt in staat tijdig bij te sturen. Zo is terugkoppeling op gezondheidsbeleid meetbaar.

Wij verlagen de drempel

Traditionele- en "smart" weegschalen tonen u harde cijfers. Deze cijfers leveren onvoldoende inzicht over uw daadwerkelijke gezondheidstoestand op. De Sinque Home Monitor en Scally, onze professionele weegschaal tonen u alleen uw toekomstige gewichtstrend. Zo kan pro-actief worden bijgestuurd.

Ik wil Sinque !

Focus op resultaat

Krijg inzicht in de effectiviteit van gezondheidsprogramma's op een wijze die de privacy van uw personeel respecteert.

Sustainable weight loss with health

Losing weight sustainably means understanding the times when we need to maintain our customers' lost weight. After all, medical science shows us the importance of respecting the metabolic individuality of its customers.

Always be close to your customers

Even from a distance, every time they use Sinque, through an automated process, they see your contents, such as health advice, classes and even useful products, creating a great relationship and keeping their customers engaged and with better results.

Scally, onze professionele weegschaal

Onze professionele weegschaal voor op kantoor, in de sportschool en in uw praktijk. Scally heeft een eigentijds ontwerp en vormt een verrijking binnen uw interieur.

Scally biedt toegang tot Sinque. Gebruikers gaan erop staan en kunnen met behulp van een QR code de app downloaden en installeren.

Daarnaast kan Scally ook gebruikt worden door mensen die thuis geen weegschaal of Home Monitor hebben.

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So what is Sinque?

Our Innovative solution reveals the future weight trend and makes it easy to measure and track weight. Our innovative and exclusive application greatly improves on (and gives more meaning to) the measurements of weight scales by uncovering the real weight trends that are hidden by daily weight oscillations. We have developed a technological platform which integrates a mobile App, a website and scales to facilitate and inspire individual weight control, to monitor and economically assess the impact of behavior change in wellness programs, and to increase the revenues of fitness and wellness providers. Our technological platform offers more than just weight measurement.  

What does Sinque do?

Our technological platform offers more than just weight measurement. We have developed a technology platform that integrates a mobile application, a website and scales system to facilitate and inspire individual weight control. With this, it is possible to monitor and economically evaluate the impact of behavior change on welfare programs and increase the revenues of Gym and health professionals who join Sinque and the companies that want to implement health programs and quality of life.

Why should I use Sinque?

We do not consider human weight to be just one number per day. Every minute, something is happening in your body, which changes your total mass weight. So why do we need to consider just a number as our weight? Using Sinque is to offer the ability to monitor body weight daily. Because our system can provide useful information about weight trends and the anticipated change in body weight.  

How do I start using Sinque?  

It's very simple to start using Sinque. There are two models: a home monitor and a commercial monitor  Both have the same function. It is only up on the monitor that automatically the prediction of your body weight will be informed by means of a very simple graphic to be read. If you do not have the monitor, we have an App for both systems (IOS or Android), which can be downloaded for free. In this case, we will have to enter a number manually (the one of your weighing in a conventional scale). It is very important to make regular weighings so that the system can get to know us and present more and more accurate results. It is necessary to fill in a registration, so that your data is used by our AI (Artificial Intelligence) Whatever the form of body weight insertion (manual or automatic), our AI will accurately predict your body weight in two weeks.

How can I lose weight?

Of course, one number per day does not represent our weight. Apparently, human weight is something that behaves like a frequency. Our weight fluctuates during the day, during the night, during the period in which we are alive! So I ask again, "Why do we consider that human weight is just a number?" We have to consider various factors like exercise routine, proper diet and sleep nights. The Sinque Team offers on-line and face-to-face support from healthcare professionals so you have all the necessary support and with that you can understand the powerful tool that Sinque is. That way, you will achieve change of habits in a simple and motivating way. And with that your results.  

How will Sinque help me lose weight?

A person's body weight fluctuates during the day, day after day, due to several factors. Relying on a fixed number, to determine if your actions are affecting your weight the right way, does not make sense. To better capture your weight that is not static by nature, we use medical science. With the data we collect about your body over time, our algorithm calculates and reveals a more representative and friendly weight range. Sinque's artificial intelligence learns how your body changes, predicting its weight range. Seeing what your weight trend will be in two weeks, is the validation of what you are doing and motivates you to continue.   

What products does Sinque offer?  

Sinque offers you two monitor models (Home Monitor and Commercial Monitor - Scally) and an App that works with the monitors. Our free and encouraging APP reveals the weight range two weeks in advance validating the efforts to change.

App features:
Intuitive interaction
Sophisticated design
Reveals the future weight range (no confrontation with numbers) I
Integrated with users’ fitness/wellness journey

Numberless Iot weight monitors features:
Seamless design
Simple to setup and to use
Comfortable and peaceful  experience to track weight even wearing clothes
Scientifically tested
Fast connection with our APP

Sinque offers a workplace with professionals, explanations based on the science of Sinque. You will receive, from your health professional personalized health tips.

How do I weight myself with the Home Monitor?

Weighing in Sinque is very simple. If you have a home monitor, just turn on the monitor, open your App on your mobile phone, and climb on it. It is not necessary to undress for weighing, as the app is responsible for eliminating the weight of your clothing and footwear. As soon as you get on the monitor, your App takes care of registration, you just need to identify the type of clothing you are wearing.

What is the difference between Sinque and a traditional Scale?

Traditional scales you mean. Well, it starts with the fact that scales, by definition, shows weight at that point in time. We can be more accurate and say that is the Earth attraction to that mass in a certain point in time. Our weight monitors do the same, but weight for us is part of a range. And we track the changes in that range that the person has each week. We could say that we are developing a weight range tracking system.

How can I change my behavior using Sinque?

Well, it starts using our weight monitor every day, any time of the day. If the person decided to have a sustainable weight loss, he/she needs to change behavior ("same thinking, same results”) One of the most difficult behavior change is to measure yourself frequently. Our numberless weight monitors really can motivate people to do  that, it is the first step towards a good day! Also, it is a process that helps people to stay with the new behavior during the day.